Cash for Scrap Radiators

Cash for Scrap Radiators

The cooling capacity of a vehicle mainly depends on its radiator. Water is known as the most popular coolant used in radiators for keeping the internal combustion system of an automobile cool throughout the journey.

Looking for a Place to Dispose Your Scrap Radiator? Adelaide Scrap Metal is here for You

Many oil-based coolant radiators are also present. But, no matter what type of radiator you have in your vehicle, one thing is for sure, i.e. it a deterioration. After prolonged use of the vehicle, the radiator is obvious to get damaged due to heating and other factors.

Cash for Scrap Radiators

You can simply take out the damaged radiator and throw it. But, our company is providing a better solution to vehicle owners. What if you can earn something even from your damaged radiator? Yup, it is true. We, the Adelaide Scrap Metal are now providing very good cash in exchange for old, unused, and damaged radiators too.

We pay the best cash for scrap radiators in the entire Adelaide and its surrounding areas. Give our experts a call today to get a quote for your vehicle radiator.

Types of radiators our company purchases

Whether you own a humongous truck or a regular size car, our company is the best place to exchange it. We deal in all types of vehicle radiators irrespective of its make and model. So, the brand is not a fact to worry about when you are dealing with our experts. We deal in all types of radiators available in the market of Adelaide.

Two main types of radiators you usually want to sell to us are the brass vehicle radiators and the aluminium vehicle radiators. Lets us discuss these two in details.

The brass car radiator

The first use of radiator became popular in the automobile with the use of brass radiators. Mainly the brass radiators were used before 1990. There are many heavy trucks present that use brass radiators. High durability is the prime feature still keeping the brass radiator as popular in the large automobiles.

Aluminum car radiators

Nowadays, most of the vehicles are manufactured with an aluminium radiator and plastic on the ends. It is much cheaper than the old brass radiators which enabled the car manufacturer to launch low budget vehicles. It will be better if you remove the plastic form its end as most car wreckers would like to deal in pure aluminium.

Same day removal at 0 costs

Most of the companies usually charge a specific amount for the removal of the car. But, this is not in the case with our company. There is no need for you to carry the dirty, scrappy, and junk radiator all around the city to find a dealer for it. Our experts will come to your residential place to buy the scrap radiator from you. This is what makes our company Adelaide Scrap Metal, the best cash for scrap radiators service provider.

If you agree to the terms and price provided by our expert technicians after the full inspection of the radiator then you have to sign some legal paper. We promise to pay you on the spot with cash amount. After that, the radiator will be our responsibility. We will take it back to our workshop at our own risk. All these services will be completed on the same day and we guarantee it.

How to reach our expert for a quote?

You can easily contact our expert with the phone number given on our website. Or else, mail us to our official email id with your queries. And to get a quote for your scrap radiator, fill the form present on our contact page with required information. We will be really happy to have you with us. Call us today! 08 8258 9693 

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