About Us

About Us

So, you are ready to take the old rusty out of your garage. It is really a big step of yours not only towards creating a safe home atmosphere but also towards saving the environment.

Adelaide Scrap Metal Offers best cash for cars in Adelaide

Maybe the vehicle in your garage is completely wrecked in an accident. Or it may be out of trend and no more useful to you. No matter what is the reason that made you takes this decision, but you can assure on one thing. Selling your scrap car to us is going to give you a good lump sum of cash. And an extra benefit is that you are saving the environment by this big step of yours.

A vehicle which is left unnoticed for longer duration becomes the home of many unwanted pests. You will never want to have such pests in your house ever. By getting rid of the root ensures that no such guests are going to come to your house.

Even if the vehicle is not in use, the engine and its internal mechanism can still radiate harmful particulates. That is why removal of the damaged and wanted vehicles from the property after a certain period becomes necessary.

If you have made up your mind about the removal of the scrap vehicle from your yard then you are finally on the right platform. Our company Adelaide Scrap Metal have specialization is all such factors. We reuse, recycle, and repair scrap vehicles that help us to save the environment.

The three R’s to save the environment- Reuse, Repair, and Recycle

  1. Reuse: We make sure that nothing is wasted. As soon as the vehicle arrives in our workshop, our finest technicians start to work on it. All the useful parts are dismantled from the vehicle. We then separate them according to their category and send them for further processing.
  2. Repair: After the categorization of the parts, our repairing team starts to work on it. They repair all the damaged parts to turn them into usable conditions again. Further processes like polishing, testing, etc are done to make sure that the parts are working fine without any dispute.
  3. Recycle: The rest of the parts that are completely out of any repairing work like the body of the car, wirings, etc are send for recycling. They are crushed and sold to a metal recycling company for making appliances. Also, there are some kinds of fluids present in the engine, radiator, and other parts of the car which are highly toxic for the living beings as well as the environment. We carefully dispose them to prevent any kind of health and environmental hazard.

You can clearly notice how we follow an eco-friendly procedure in each of our working steps. Besides the above-mentioned steps, there are some other steps that make us the best. To know about them, go through the points given below.

What makes our company the best cash for cars and removal service provider?

Some of the features that make our company Adelaide Scrap Metal the best cash for cars and car removal service providers.

  • We have highly experienced and skilled team of technicians.
  • Our company offers the best cash price for the wrecked cars.
  • We provide services in all over Adelaide and its surrounding areas.
  • On the spot dealing along with free removal service.
  • Opportunity to sell us a vehicle of any makes and models.

Our motto

We believe that every vehicle owner irrespective of the condition of the vehicle has a right to get a fair deal. With this aim in our mind, we have started this company. Customer’s satisfaction is the top priority of our company.

For further details or a quote, contact our experts today!